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Scholarship to the University of Riga, Latvia, for students

February 27, 2024

منحة الى جامعة ريغا بلاتفيا للطلبة Erasmus+ KA 171 Mobility Opportunity: University of El Oued to Riga Technical University, Latvia for MA2 and PhD students Under the Erasmus+ KA 171 program, the University of El Oued announces a Mobility opportunity for second-year Master and PhD students to Riga Technical University in Latvia. :The application is open to students in the following specialties Business & Administration* Information and Communication Technologies* Engineering and Engineering Trades* Languages* :Required documents include CV* Copy of passport* Transcripts (Bachelor + M1 transcripts for Master 2 students / Bachelor + M1 + M2 transcripts for PhD students)* …