Providing a stimulating and distinguished educational environment that enables students to achieve their academic and professional goals, and develop comprehensive study programs that keep pace with the needs of the labor market and contribute to achieving social and economic development.


the message

Creating competent students that reflect the level of excellence, achievement, and skills necessary for success in academic and professional life.


Head of the Directorate

Mr. : Mr. Dr. Bashir Manai
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Directorate tasks

The University Directorate of Higher Training in the first and second cycles, continuing training and certificates, as well as higher training in the progression of the year, is responsible for the following:

1- Follow up on issues related to the conduct of education and training organized by the university.

2- Ensuring that the training offers provided by colleges and institutes are consistent with the university development plan.

3- Ensuring respect for the applicable regulations in the field of registration, re-registration, knowledge monitoring, and student transfer.

4- Ensuring respect for the applicable regulations and procedures in handing out certificates and equivalencies.

5- Ensuring that the name list of students is kept and updated.

Events and announcements

A word from the director’s supervisor

Through this speech, we would like to express our deep appreciation for your tireless efforts and commitment to strengthening foreign relations and international cooperation at the University of Martyr Hama Lakhdar - University of the Valley. Your outstanding work in activating communication and organizing scientific events contributes significantly to raising the status of our university on the international scene and opens new horizons for our students and researchers to participate in a global scientific community.

We believe that international partnerships and scientific and cultural exchange play a vital role in achieving our academic and research progress. Through your efforts, we can strengthen communication with leading scientific institutions and international experts, which benefits our university community as a whole.

We look forward to more achievements and successes in the field of foreign relations and international cooperation under your leadership, stressing our full support for all your initiatives that seek to achieve excellence and innovation in our scientific and educational journey.

With respect and appreciation,


Mr.: Prof. Dr. Bashir Manai

Vice Chancellor of the University

Directorate news

Configuration offers

1.Bachelor’s degree
industrial maintenance
Civil Engineering
Mechanical construction, energy, materials engineering, irrigation, telecommunications, public works, renewable energies and the environment


1- The first year section is a joint section

2- Department of Financial and Accounting Sciences

3- Department of Management Sciences

4- Department of Commercial Sciences

1- Law Department

2- Department of Political Science

1- Department of Social Sciences

2- Department of Human Sciences

3- Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences


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