افتتاح قاعة أساتذة جديدة بكلية العلوم الاجتماعية والإنسانية بجامعة الوادي 

افتتاح قاعة أساتذة جديدة بكلية العلوم الاجتماعية والإنسانية بجامعة الوادي 

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افتتاح قاعة أساتذة جديدة بكلية العلوم الاجتماعية والإنسانية بجامعة الوادي 
أعطى صباح اليوم  03 أكتوبر 2022 السيد مدير جامعة الشهيد حمه لخضر البروفيسور عمر فرحاتي إشارة الوضع حيز الخدمة لقاعة الأساتذة  الجديدة بكلية العلوم الاجتماعية والانسانية. وحضر حفل انطلاق نشاط القاعة  السيد مدير الجامعة ونواب مدير الجامعة المكلفين بالتنمية والاستشراف الدكتور عبد الحليم الأسود  ونائب المدير المكلف بالبحث العلمي البروفيسور بوبكر منصور ونائب المدير المكلف بالبيداغوجيا البروفيسور بشير مناعي وعميد كلية العلوم الاجتماعية الدكتور عمار غرائسة والأمين العام لكلية العلوم الاجتماعية والإنسانية بالإضافة  إلى عدد من الأساتذة والإداريين  
ولدى تدشينه لهذا الصرح الجديد اشاد السيد مدير الجامعة بكل أسرة الكلية وعميدها على هذا المكسب المهم للأساتذة   وشدد على ضرورة المحافظة عليه.

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El Oued University celebrates Student’s Day under the slogan “Answering the call and the process of construction.” Today, May 19, 2024, the University of Martyr Hama Lakhdar celebrated the 68th anniversary of Student’s Day under the supervision of Mr. Governor of the state of El Oued Said Akhrouf and Mr. President of the State People’s Assembly and in the presence of the members of the Security Committee, the Revolutionary Family, and the deputy rectors of the university and the director. University services, deans of colleges, Mr. Secretary General of the University, Mr. President of the Valley Department, representatives of Parliament, executive directors, representatives of student organizations and civil society activities, our students from various colleges, the university family, and the media family. The celebration began in front of the memorial memorial, where the national flag was raised, the national anthem was played, and the opening of the book was read, out of mercy for the souls of our righteous martyrs. After that, exhibitions were visited that included various research projects for students. In the Grand Lecture Hall, Abu Al-Qasim Saadallah, in coordination with the Sub-Directorate of Activities, opened the Student’s Day activities on behalf of the University Rector, Professor Omar Farhati, and his Deputy for Scientific Research, Professor Arhouma Farhat, with a welcoming speech to the attendees, in which he praised the march of yesterday’s students who left their studies to join the glorious liberal revolution, calling on the students to work diligently and persevere. On knowledge and knowledge, and that the message of the martyrs be an eternal message and a road map for our students. On this occasion, he saluted students around the world for their stand against the enemy and their support for the Palestinian cause, thanking all those who contributed to the celebration. For his part, the State Secretary General of the Mujahideen Organization, Mujahid Bashir Ebadi, on behalf of the revolutionary family, stressed the importance of meeting today’s generation with the generation of liberation and commemorating the great occasion because it is a symbol of our eternal revolution, calling on the students to return to the history of their country, pointing to the role played by yesterday’s student with his sacrifices. With letters of light and his loyalty to the homeland by joining the revolution, leaving school and joining the armed forces. On the occasion, Professor Dr. Jamal Zwari also presented a historical intervention in which he touched on the historical event of Student Day and its symbolism, pointing out what the students did during the revolution and their enrollment in it and abandonment of their studies. Mr. Al-Wali and the accompanying delegation also toured the exhibition of the achievements of Al-Wadi students and a number of participants, and viewed a distinguished achievement of a smart robot for treating weeds. He explained how it works using artificial intelligence and technology. He also inspected many patents. The celebration witnessed the showing of a historical documentary tape about Algerian students joining the revolutionary work. The celebration was invigorated by the distinction of Dr. Faraj Abdel Hamid. At the conclusion of the celebration, many male and female students who won in various competitions held in colleges and university services were honored, such as the Reading Challenge - Marathon - Future Lawyer - Participation in the International Commercial Arbitration Competition in Saudi Arabia - Running Activation - Table Tennis - Vertical Poetry - Chess - Effective Student - Writing. A story in French, singing, praise, and sports. … Read More

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