Roa Iktissadia Review is an international scholarly Journal, Open Access, published by the faculty of Economics, Commercial and Management Sciences, University of Eloued (Algeria).

            The journal aims to contribute the development and dissemination of knowledge. It's Dedicated to publicize the original scientific researches, in economics, commercial and management sciences. Which targets the postgraduate students, professors and all researchers in many areas, as the academic, government departments or economic institutions. At the national and international levels. The research projects are published in three languages: Arabic, English and French.

            All the articles that published by Roa Iktissadia Review are free. And permanently accessible online, immediately upon publication. Which allows the open access an immediate at world-wide level, without any barriers to get the full text of research papers. That’s in the best interests of the scientific community.

Our review Concerned to publish the following:

  1. Sober scientific research projects in the areas of the specialization.
  2. Researches and critical studies that related to the specialty areas that concerned to the Journal.
  3. The publishes focuses on the researches, reports, scientific translations, display new books and review them. All the contributions will be reviewed according to the appropriate criteria.

Roa Iktissadia Review

رخصة المشاع الابداعي

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