Mot du Professeur Omar FERHATI, recteur de l'Université, dans la nouvelle cérémonie de l'année académique


Calendrier du deuxième semestre


Résultats des examens


Résumé de la convention avec

San Piero a Grado Nuclear Research Group (GRNSPG) University of PISA ,ITALY





The cooperation will concern research ,development and training programs judged of mutual interest.


Programs of cooperation may be defined in separate agreements between the two Universities or between institutions of the

same universities in the following fields :

Joint research activities -

Participation in conferences and seminars -

Exchange of training material scientific publications -

Joint training programs -

Cooperation to develop  libraries -

Joint tutorship of post-graduate training  -



.Each institution will name responsible for the current programs of this agreement

.Each scientific agreement has to be approved by university

This agreement will last 5years since the date of its signature. It may be renewed by mutual agreement of

.both parties

Any change to this agreement requires a written consent of both, the President of the University of

EL-OUED and the Director of the San Piero aGrado Nuclear Research Group (GRNSPG)University of


The two parties have the right to terminate this agreement through a six months written notice ,before the

.proposed termination is to become effective

All disputes arising from the implementation of this agreement the parties will be settled amicably and with

.a friendly spirit


.The actual agreement become effective since the date of its signature by both parties