The faculty of technology has 3 departments as the following :

CHARIA  Department

CHARIA Department

Religion basics Department.

Religion basics Department.

Islamic Civilisation Department

Islamic Civilisation Department

Dean's word

In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful

Blessings and peace be upon the most noble of Messengers, the Prophet Mohammad and on his kinsman and disciples.

The first start in the teaching of Islamic sciences at the University of El-Oued under the name of the branche of Islamic Sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (formerly the Institute of Social and Human Sciences) during the academic year 2009/2010 as a common Trunk  in the new education system (L M D).

He is qualified to enter three Specializations a BA degree : Sharia and law, Fiqh and its principals (Uṣūl al fiqh), Invitation ( dawa  ), Media and communication.

Other specialties were opened: Interpretation (tafsir)  and science of the Qur'an, Hadith and its sciences, religion comparison, Islamic civilization .

It also opened specialties of the master in: Sharia and law, Fiqh and its principals (Uṣūl al fiqh), Invitation ( dawa  ), Media and Communication, Interpretation (tafsir) and Qur'anic sciences, Contemporary Financial Transactions , Hadith and its sciences.

Finally, the Institute supports the opening of the doctorate (new system) in: Fiqh and its principals (Uṣūl al fiqh), Sharia and law, Interpretation and Qur'anic sciences, and Invitation ( dawa  ) and Islamic culture.

Also. opened a registration  for a doctorate of science and to discuss the university qualification phase at the institute level in Islamic sciences

The formation in the Institute of Islamic Sciences at our university aims to strengthen the knowledge base in the science of Sharia and in line with the needs of society in various sectors

And deepen the Islamic knowledge supported by the national identity and cultural belonging, which qualifies the student for productive scientific research, positive social activity, And deepen the original religious dimension of values ​​of tolerance and public benefit, according to the original scientific view, And dedicates the bases of knowledge, doctrinal, fiqhia, worship, ethics and correct behavior based on understanding the book and the Sunnah, Depending on the Civilization heritage of the efforts of former righteous scholars in general,  and the scholars of school  Malikis and fiqh heritage of the Maghreb in particular. All this will enable the student to work and the right direction towards a solid and balanced scientific formation.

Far from extremism and moral degradation , and adhere to the provisions of the sharia ,  and distinguished by the deep and comprehensive Understanding of the Coran and the Sunnah of the Prophet,  and represents that Personal. elite specialized in Islamic sciences and saturated with a national spirit and loyalty to Algerian society and all its components and values.

 The various formation programs in the Institute, as well as the accompanying scientific and cultural activities, enable the student to acquire research tools, acquire the necessary skills in Islamic knowledges, ways to benefit from heritage and renew it, and develop various creative abilities.

It is also worth noting the Institute's interest in its programs and activities in serving the scientific and cultural heritage of oued souf and  regions adjacent areas  to it, studying the celebrity scholars of the Algerian desert and their scientific efforts in Islamic studies,  as well as facilitating the Maliki fiqh, the fundamentals of the doctrine (  Uṣūl al Aqidah), the Quranic interpretation (tafsir)  and the Prophetic hadith and its sciences.

And also support the principles and ethics dealing with intellectual and cultural diversity,  And the service of heritage Malikis  Achieving and Publishing and showing and employment, and Study, guide and invest local custom in various transactions and aspects of development.

We ask Allah to our students reconcile and benefit,  and the professors for good guidance, and all the Employees and workers of the Institute to provide the appropriate scientific conditions to reach the desired Objectives and facilitate all difficulties.



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List of Responsibles in The Institute:





Director of the Institute



Deputy Director of postgraduate,  scientific research and external relations


Mohammed  Rachid

Deputy Director of studies and issues related to students






Chief  of Department  Ossoul Eddine



Chief  of Department  Islamic civilization



Chief  of Department  Sharia



chief of the Scientific Council



Responsible of  team :Sharia branch



Responsible of  team: Islamic civilization branch



Responsible of  team: Ossoul Eddine branch



Responsible of specialty: Sharia and Law



Responsible of specialty: Fiqh and its principals (Uṣūl )



Responsible of specialty: Book (Qurʾān)  and Sunnah



Responsible of specialty: Doctrine  (Aqidah)



Responsible of specialty : invitation ( dawa) and Media



Responsible of specialty: Language and Quranic Studies


Mohammed Salah


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Institute of Islamic Sciences / El oued University

Postbox 789 -  El oued city 39000

Phone / Fax: 34 07 12 032

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