Dean's word

Today, the world has witnessed an unprecedented technological revolution through modern media and communication, which diversified through its sources, which is called the Information Society as the world has become a small village in which man can communicate from anywhere and at any time thanks to the Internet and social network which affect the society and play a prominent role in its change and development. Also, these networks affect the institutions through good use of communication between its components in order to improve and upgrade performance.

The Algerian University in general and the University of Hama Lakhdar in Eloued in particular were not isolated from this new technological and media space. To communicate with our students and professors to keep them updated and inform them of the developments that interest them and keep abreast of their career and activities.

From this platform, we appreciate the efforts made by all faculty members such as staff, professors, workers, students and use this opportunity to tell them:

- We are determined to move forward to improve the conditions of our faculty.

- We also bet that this faculty will be among the leading faculties, and this requires us a high awareness

 to achieve our ambitions, which requires us professors, workers and students to work periodically and continuously.
        To be at the level of these challenges and aspirations we must take steady and continuous steps towards a bright future because the road of a thousand miles begins with a step and the beginning of rain is a single drop.


About the faculty

The Institute of Legal and Administrative Sciences was inaugurated as an extension of Mohammed Khayder University in Biskra during the 1998/99 academic year at a High School in Eloued with the branch of the National Institute of Commerce. This supplement included at the opening of the first year section of seventy-one (71) students. All of them were converted from the University of Biskra under the supervision and management of Mr. Mohammed Saleh Kharraz, and a number of volunteer professors under very harsh conditions, as there is no library and no headquarters for management and no possibilities.

- The Institute has become the Faculty of Law and Political Science after the Center was transformed into a university by Executive Decree No. 12-243 of June 4, 2012 under the supervision of Dr. Omar Rouina.
- the faculty has joined the headquarters of Hamma Lakhdar University in 2015 after the establishment of a new pedagogical structure of teaching for students of law and political science according to the calendar of the establishment of new facilities

Chart on the statistics of students for the academic season: 2018/2019 for the faculty is as follows:

The number of students for 2019 is as shown in the following chart


Number of students

Department or domain


Political Sciences (BA)


Law (BA)


Master in Political Sciences


Master Law  LMD


PhD Political Sciences (LMD)


PhD Political Sciences


PhD Law (LMD)


PhD Law