National Projects

University of El Oued
The foreign universities have a big opportunities to establish effective academic cooperation
with the University of El-Oued through cooperation programs and conventions, which would
enable them to take advantage of all potential available in the region in terms of the factors and
characteristics stated above.
There is a growing enthusiasm among teachers, students, and administration staff to
discover different educational and professional environments, and to exchange expertise and
experience with their counterparts in Europe and all over the world. This represents a vital
objective, as it helps the local stakeholders adopt new teaching, learning, and professional
strategies and methods necessary for the development of their competence and performance.
Technical and technological achievements in Europe are also in the heart of the common
What distinguishes the University of El-Oued is the ratio between the rapid
development which has taken place over the past ten years, both in terms of the number of
students: (more than 27,000 students), or the number of professors (808 Professor), as well as
the opening of several disciplines at the level of license and Master; and also the Opening of
new specialties for the doctorate studies. As well as the number of scientific projects and
research laboratories which reaches 08 laboratories this year in different disciplines?
Teachers and professors of El Oued University have conducted abroad many scientific
internships either of long or short term, besides of the great number of cooperation agreements
with international universities which have enabled the students to pursue their graduate and
post-graduate studies. All of that would create effectively a better mobility to the benefit of the
University Orientation to various programs of international cooperation. It also allows partners
to benefit from the existing skills of the university professors and administrators, in the
framework of the exchange of knowledge and skills and to take advantage of it.

The ability of the University to create and activate external relations with higher
education institutions and scientific research centres is a quality which is included in the
national reference standards for the quality assurance" RNQES" prepared by the Ministry of
Higher Education in Algeria, which, at the cellular level of quality at the University of El-Oued
is to ensure that the strategic plan included the following vision which is " El-Oued university
becomes a beacon and world leader in teaching and scientific research" , and the existence of
possible international scientific cooperation will help to increase the scientific production in
quantitative and qualitative terms and the exchange of experiences and skills for researchers
and students between the parties of cooperation.
Even though, we hadn’t any previous experience with Erasmus programs, we think it
is better to highlight our experience with 11 students from Malaysia last year (2017/2018) and

  15 new student in the current academic year, also a Turkish student

 study one full semester integrated with our ordinary students, an experience which manifested
our readiness to manage any new program.
The office of international relations took the responsibility to control the procedures of
that experience from the signature of the convention till the moment where students returned
back to their home country. With the collaboration of different parts enrolled in such
programme, we got a fruitful experience and this occasion motivated us to look for any other
similar activity.
The participation of El Oued University with the Erasmus programs and the
establishment of joint research and cooperation programs with the local and private sector and
also the different agreements with foreign universities would bring the diversity in systems and
programs of higher education to complement and improve the system of public education in
Algeria. This leads surely to the development of sophisticated systems to stimulate educational
institutions and governmental and even private organizations for the scientific and
technological innovation.
Our university provides an opportunity for its partners, teachers, students and
administrators to give priority to the quality standards of higher education services and an
equitable distribution of knowledge to the different parts of the society.
El-Oued University is looking sustainably to support everything that would raise the
level of international cooperation through conventions, building new partnerships, and real
consolidation in the areas of scientific and academic research. The international cooperation
programs will also improve the effectiveness and the quality of the education by creating

Appropriate and innovative programs in terms of levels of competence, professionalism and
diversity of capacity.
Students will gain new chances, master new languages and get new skills through the
participation in such programs. Teachers and staff will also learn new skills and share
experiences, and obtain new knowledges and techniques. Through the acquisition of these
experiences, we are looking forward to make different study or info days where we can invite
granted students or others to share their success stories. We intend also to make trips,
community visits or any other vivid programs where students can show more interest in their
studies and be more collaborative with peers.