El Oued Tourism and Resort



Located on the south east of the Algerian territory , along the Tunisian border to the vicinity of (Libya)  on an average width of 160 km.

About 645 km away from the capital ( Algiers) 


The traditional and typical architecture of the region, characterized by domes on top of houses and buildings, has delighted many a traveler. Moreover, El-Oued, capital of the Souf, is nicknamed "the city with a thousand and one cupolas".

Culture & Agriculture

El-Oued has a special type of music and singing, Also it has special traditional clothing.

 Oued Souf Oasis has a particularity: its origin is artificial, man-made, and its cultivated lands are literally stolen soil to the dunes of the desert.


There is a rich avifauna including several species of Anas, Chlamydotis undulata and Phoenicopterus ruber. The usual desert mammals are present, Gazella dorcas, Atelerix algirus, Fennucus zerda, Felis margarita, Ctenodactylus vali, Varanus griseus, and Uromastyx acanthinurus, all of them in danger. In the oases there are farms of sheeps, goats and camels.


Agriculture specialized in date palms and vegetables (as potatoes) is typical from this site. People in El-Oued Souf practice a particular style of agriculture, the Geldof technique. This style of farming produces the "Ghitanes" or palm fields of souf, where the palms are planted directly on the water, with the roots into the deep underground, in spots that are protected of the dunes, called "ghots"


El-Oued is the centre of a number of oases, called Souf, but it is El-Oued, being the biggest town, and by far the most picturesque, that attracts the visitors coming down here.

Eat and Sleep
Surprisingly good on hotels, as well as a camping ground and a youth hostel. Restaurants will irritate you with their elevated prices. We advise you to visit ‘’ La Gazelle D'or ‘’ hotel it’s fascinating.