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Training Programs

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Arabic literature
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Business Management
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Financial management
Quantitative economy
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international trade
Accounting and Collection
Financial institution

Islamic sciences

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Islamic Advocacy and Culture
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Sharia and law
Akida and comparative religions
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Educational psychology
Special education and conditioning Education
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International relations


Refining and petrochemicals
Urban irrigation
Engineering of processes
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Exact science

Computer science Systems
organic chemistry
Radiation Physics

Nature and life science

Plant production
Biology and Plant Physiology

03 November 2020
20 February 2020
10 February 2020

Pedagogical substructure

The university of El Oued Has 4 campuses with an accommodation capacity of 19350 seats divided as follows:

  • Chott Campus (main campus) 16000 seats
  • El Nour campus (Intensive Language Teaching Center (480 seats
  • El Chouhada campus 1370 seats
  • Islamic Cultural Center  1500 seats

Common University Services:

  • 1 Auditorium  with 500 seats
  • 1 Audio Visual hall with 200 seats
  • 1 room of E-learning with 50 seats
  • 1 room of videoconferencing with 50 seats
  • University-Enterprise Affair Office (BLUE Bureau de liaison Universit√©-Entreprise)
  • Intensive Language Teaching Center ILTC
  • Experimental farm
  • Computer Center
  • 05 University residences with more than 6000 beds.
  • 1 Health and Social Care Center
  • 76 buses for students
  • 7 University restaurants
  • 2 stadiums

Opportunities for foreign students in University of El Oued

The foreign universities have a big opportunities to establish effective academic cooperation with the University of El-Oued through cooperation programs and conventions, which would enable them to take advantage of all potential available in the region in terms of the factors and characteristics stated above.
There is a growing enthusiasm among teachers, students, and administration staff to
discover different educational and professional environments, and to exchange expertise and experience with their counterparts in Europe and all over the world. This represents a vital objective, as it helps the local stakeholders adopt new teaching, learning, and professional strategies and methods necessary for the development of their competence and performance.
Technical and technological achievements in Europe are also in the heart of the common