Artificial Intelligence and its Applications (AIAP'2018)



The first edition of the international Conference on Artificial Intelligence and its Applications (AIAP’18) aims to bring together leading academic scientists, international researchers and practitioners to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of artificial intelligence. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and students to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of artificial intelligence. The conference will offer an opportunity to bridge the gap between the artificial intelligence research community and people from the industry or working in other research areas including smart cities, big data,cloud computing, social networks and energy.



Honorary Chairs

  • Pr. Omar Ferhati, Rector of EL-Oued University , Algeria.
  • Pr. Ferhat Rehouma, Dean of Sciences Exacte Facluty, University of El-Oued.
  • General Chair

  • Lejdel Brahim, University of EL-Oued, Algeria.
  • Steering Committee

  • Kholladi Mohamed-Khireddine, University of EL-Oued, Algeria.
  • Lejdel Brahim, University of EL-Oued, Algeria.
  • Meftah Mohammed Charaf Eddine , University of EL-Oued, Algeria.
  • Program Committee Chair

  • Kholladi Mohamed-Khireddine, University of EL-Oued, Algeria.
  • Program Committee

  • Kholladi Mohamed-Khireddine , University of EL-Oued, Algeria.
  • Eliseo Clementini, University of l'aquila, Italy.
  • Robert laurini, INSA of Lyon, France.
  • Okba Kazar, University of Biskra, Algeria.
  • Mokhtar Sellami, University of Annaba, Algeria.
  • Belgacem Haba, Stanford University, CA.
  • Mahieddine Djoudi, Univesiry of Poitiers, France.
  • Ladjel bellatreche, ENSMA , France.
  • Mohamed Tayeb Laskri, university of Annaba, Algeria.
  • Lejdel brahim , University of EL-Oued, Algeria.
  • Tari Abd kamel, University of Bejaia, Algeria.
  • Bezaoui Madani, university of Boumerdes, Algeria.
  • Labib Sadek Terrissa, university of Biskra, Algeria.
  • Mefteh charef Eddine, University of EL-Oued, Algeria.
  • Khaled Rezeg, University of Biskra, Algeria.
  • Cheik Mouadh, Jordan.
  • Dahmani Abd Nacer, Univesity of Tamenraset, Algeria.
  • Aloui Abd Ouahab, University of Bejaia , Algeria.
  • Amroune kamel, University of Bejaia , Algeria.
  • Bounceur Ahcene, University of Brest, France.
  • Messai Mohemd lamine, University of Setif, Algeria.
  • Bennoui Hammadi, University of Biskra, Algeria.
  • Kamel Barkaoui, CNAM, France.
  • Noureddine Zerhouni, ENSMM, France.
  • Mathieu Roche, University of Montpellier 2, France.
  • Chahir Youssef, University of Caen, France.
  • Hafaifa Ahmed, Djelfa University, Algeria.
  • Mostefa Brahami, University of Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria.
  • Krim Fateh, University of Setif, Algeria.
  • Fayçal Djeffal, university of batna, Algeria.
  • Mohamed Saaidia, University of Souk Ahras, Algeria.
  • Toumi Abida, University of Biskra, Algeria.
  • Baghdad Atmani, University of Oran, Algeria.
  • Laouid Abdelkader, University of EL-oued, Algeria.
  • Mohamed Benmohammed, University of Constantine 2, Algeria.
  • Laid kahloul, University of Biskra, Algeria.
  • Lamiche Chaabane, University of M'sila, Algeria.
  • Mohamed ridda Laouar, University of Tebessa, Algeria.
  • ABDELFATEH AMAMRA, California State Polytechnic University Pomona, USA.
  • Abdelaziz Khadraoui, University of Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Abdelkrim AMIRAT, Université Mouhamed Cherif Mesaadia, Souk-Ahras, Algérie.
  • Faraoun Kamel Mohamed, University of Sidi Belabbes.
  • Nacira Ghoualmi-Zine, University of Annaba, Algeria.
  • Belabbas Yagoubi, University Oran 1, Algeria.
  • Salah Toumi, University of Annaba, Algeria.
  • Okba Tibermacine, University of JOUF, KSA.
  • Chaouki Tibermacine, University of Montpellier, Algeria.
  • Bouhadada Tahar, University of Annaba, Algeria.
  • Noria Taghezout , University Oran, Algeria.
  • Hassina Seridi, University of Annaba, Algeria.
  • Abdelhak Seriai, University of Montpellier, Algeria.
  • Benharzallah Saber, University of Biskra, Algeria.
  • Ayad Mouloud, University of Bouira, Algeria.
  • Tahar Kechadi , University College Dublin, Australia.
  • Abdelouahid Derhab, King Saud University, KSA.
  • Rachid Chalal, ESI, Algeria.
  • Boukhalfa Kamel, USTHB University, Algeria.
  • Rachid Boudour, Univdersity of Annaba, Algeria.
  • Madani Bezoui, University of Boumerdes, Algeria.
  • Atif Yacine, Skövde University, Suède.
  • Esma Aimeur, University of Montreal, France.
  • Hatem Ahriz, Robert Gordon University, Bretagn.
  • Moussaoui Abdelouahab, University of Setif 1, Algeria.
  • Abdelkrim Abdelli, USTHB University, Algeria.
  • Bekrar Abdelghani, University of Valenciennes, France.
  • Organizing committee

  • Saci medileh.
  • Mouatez Nagoudi.
  • Ammar Bouchrit.
  • Sana Gaia Sahar.
  • Khabeche Mohibeddine.
  • Brahim Lejdel.
  • Charef Eddine Mefteh.
  • Khaoula Bilila.
  • Messaoud Abbas.
  • Laouid Abd kader.
  • Samir othmani.
  • Mouadh Bali.
  • Mohamed Amine Yakoub.
  • Ismail Kertiou.
  • Nejdoua Kholladi.
  • Abasse Messaoud.
  • Naoui Mohamed Anouar.
  • Chourouk Ghatas.
  • Kadour Gharbi.
  • Khaleifa Abd Nacer.

  • Full paper submission deadline: September 30, 2018

  • Author Notification: October 15, 2018.

  • Camera-ready Paper/Registration: October 30, 2018.

  • Conference Dates: December 04-05, 2018.


  • The papers accepted and presented in AIAP'2018 will be published in the conference proceedings.

  • All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference.

  • The initial submission for review will be limited between 06 - 08 pages, including references, figures and tables (at least 10pt font, 2-column format).

  • Contributions should be submitted electronically as PDF

  • Using the IEEE conference publishing templates IEEE LaTeX and Microsoft Word templates , as well as formatting instructions, are available online on this website.


    All presented and registered papers will be submitted for publication in the special issues of the following journals:

  • Smart and Sustainable Built Environment (SCOPUS).

  • Romanian Journal for Information Science and Technology (SCOPUS).


    All questions about submissions should be emailed to:

    Echahid Hamma Lakhdar university, EL-OUED.
    PO Box 789
    P: (+213) 32-12-07-40
    P: (+213) 32-12-07-41